Borderlands 3 hands-on — Watch the beginning, first boss fights, and Eden-6

Borderlands 3 from developer Gearbox Software and publisher Take-Two Interactive’s 2K label will be one of the major games of the year when it debuts on September 13 on the consoles and PC.

It has the same familiar goofy first-person shooter combat that is familiar to fans, who have purchased more than 48 million copies over the past decade. In this game, you return to the planet of Pandora, but make your way to new places like Eden-6, a swampy planet with dinosaurs.

I played a few hours of Borderlands 3 at a preview event at 2K’s studio in Novato, California. I am at risk of being mocked again for my video, but it’s just unskilled gameplay from a regular player. I am not particularly skillful at first-person combat, as usual, but it gives you an idea of what the gameplay will be like, a month ahead of the game’s release. As usual, it was hard to take down the bullet-sponge enemies, including the little walking babies with their shotguns. I kept switching between a long-range assault rifle and a shotgun.

Borderlands 3's Eden-6 planet is a swamp with dinosaurs.

Above: Borderlands 3’s Eden-6 planet is a swamp with dinosaurs.

Image Credit: 2K

By the last video, you’ll see one of the big boss fights and get a look at the crazy twins, the villains of the game who enjoy streaming over-the-top killing videos to their fans.

The first hands-on video (see above) shows the beginning. Clap Trap returns with his adorable (new) voice. It ends with the first boss.

The second video begins with the arrival of one of your non-playable sidekicks. You can see the Beastmaster’s pet go into action.

[embedded content]

The third video introduces the first vehicle and some bad driving.

[embedded content]

The fourth video features a long slog of a firefight through one of the (run-down) churches of the future.

[embedded content]

The fifth video is a boss fight with Mouthpiece, a deadly dude who blasts you with audio speakers. I had no idea what I was doing in this boss fight, but I managed to defeat Mouthpiece after a few tries. Then I got to see Tyreen and Troy Calypso, the villains.

[embedded content]

The sixth video is a collage of fighting on Eden-6, the new bayou-like planet with dinosaurs on it.

[embedded content]


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