Adobe is redesigning Creative Cloud’s desktop app as a hub for tools and assets

Adobe’s Creative Cloud desktop app, once just a drop-down tab for downloading and updating Adobe apps, is getting turned into an assets library. The new desktop experience will feature tutorials for all apps in one hub. It basically looks like the current Creative Cloud website, but now in a desktop app form.

The app works pretty much the same, but it’s been organized into a full-screen experience. Adobe wants it to be a one-stop shop for everything Creative Cloud, so users can access it whenever they need to update apps, or to find assets like brushes, fonts, and stock images. Creative Cloud Libraries let users access assets from anywhere (an important feature as the company continues releasing iPad and Android apps like Fresco) and share those libraries with teammates.

It’s a little surprising that the Creative Cloud app wasn’t a full-screen desktop experience before. With Adobe developing the upcoming Photoshop on iPad and the AR app Project Aero, it makes sense to create a consolidated creative hub for the ever-growing number of Adobe apps.

The redesign starts rolling out in France and Germany today, Japan tomorrow, and will roll out globally to the US and other regions the following week. You can read more about the redesign at Adobe’s blog here.


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